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Here's your Assembly committee chairs for the 2019 #nvleg session. No changes from 2017 committee chairs except @EllenBSpiegel, whi replaces former Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams in chairing Commerce + Labor.

The Trump administration recently released a bevy of proposed and final rules on health care. As states are increasingly taking health-care policy into their own hands, I take a look at how the rules will (or won’t) impact Nevada. https://t.co/exwgheaAGP

I grew up in Orange County. It’s hard to overstate how insane this is. https://t.co/grCnsfjfDv

The subcommittee interviewed 12 people as part of its investigation into Rep. Ruben Kihuen but noted that that "many other alleged recipients of unwanted advances by Representative Kihuen chose not to participate in the ISC’s inquiry." https://t.co/lYSp3EOpKP

Rep. Ruben Kihuen wrote in a text message on Dec. 14 that he was "afraid that more will come out if I wait too long to announce I won’t seek re-election ... I can’t afford to pay my bills if I resign and will be hard to find a job right away." https://t.co/lYSp3EOpKP

NEWS: House Ethics Committee finds Rep. Ruben Kihuen “made persistent and unwanted advances toward women who were required to work with him” in violation of House rules. https://t.co/yRzgc2vyW7

The House Ethics released its report on @RepKihuen. It found that he violated clauses 1 and 2 of the Code of Official Conduct by making persistent and unwanted advances toward women who were
required to interact with him as part of their professional responsibilities."

.@SteveSisolak announces transition team to #nvgov - Executive Director will be @MickyWhiteNV, deputy directors will be @frcojmorales & @CEAmestoy, both of whom worked on campaign

Here's the Senate committee chairs for the 2019 #nvleg. @YvannaCancela will chair the new Growth & Infrastructure Committee, which includes transportation and energy issues

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