Health Care

Some stories about health care, long and short, told on the state and federal levels.

Long reads:

“In the boomtown that never went bust, retirees face barriers accessing primary care” | The Nevada Independent | April 8, 2018

“An ‘ugly’ process: Sheriffs, hospitals shoulder burden of crisis mental health care in rural Nevada” | The Nevada Independent | March 11, 2018

“With physician shortages in Nevada, Medicaid patients feel acute pain of long wait times” | The Nevada Independent | July 23, 2017

“A brief history of Medicaid and the people who depend on it” | The Nevada Independent | July 9, 2017

Short(er) reads:

“Opioids in Nevada: How one new law attempts to address the epidemic and why some doctors are pushing back” | The Nevada Independent | Jan. 14, 2018

“Nevada teen pregnancy prevention programs grapple with uncertain future as federal funds dry up two years early” | The Nevada Independent | Nov. 12, 2017