Election Coverage

Reporting from the campaign trail in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

General election coverage:

“Anatomy of a blue wave: Why Nevada Democrats won decisively in races that were supposed to be close” | The Nevada Independent | Nov. 14, 2018

“How first-term congresswoman Jacky Rosen defeated incumbent Dean Heller to become Nevada’s next U.S. Senator” | The Nevada Independent | Nov. 14, 2018

“Washoe turns Republicans blue” | The Nevada Independent | Nov. 11, 2018

“Old attacks, new political climate play in race for Nevada’s swing House seat”The Nevada Independent | Oct. 24, 2018

“Enthusiastic Trump supporters not quite as enthusiastic about Nevada’s midterm election” | The Nevada Independent | Sept. 23, 2018

“The Asian American, Pacific Islander communities have been mobilizing for decades; now parties, campaigns are increasingly courting their votes”The Nevada Independent | July 29, 2018

“A businessman, a state senator and a former television reporter face off in a crowded, heated Republican congressional primary” | The Nevada Independent | June 7, 2018

“Nevada Democrats won the battle; Trump won the war”Las Vegas Sun | Nov. 9, 2016

“Democrats Rosen, Kihuen flip House seats blue”Las Vegas Sun | Nov. 9, 2016

“Big hurdles remain for CD3 candidates as they make final pitch to voters” | Las Vegas Sun | Oct. 27, 2016

“Mormon sensibilities in Nevada bristle at the thought of backing Trump” | Las Vegas Sun | Aug. 24, 2016

“For front-runners in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, it’s all about ground game” | Las Vegas Sun | June 10, 2016

“Showdown in Nevada: Roberson-Tarkanian race reflects schism in GOP” | Las Vegas Sun | May 3, 2016

“Contest shifts from dueling pep rallies to caucus rooms” | Las Vegas Sun | Feb. 20, 2016

From the trail:

“South Carolina Sen. Graham urges support for Heller to make Democrats ‘pay a price’ for delaying Kavanaugh confirmation” | The Nevada Independent | Oct. 26, 2018

“Sanders urges Nevada progressives to support Rosen to end ‘one-party rule’ in Washington, D.C.” | The Nevada Independent | Oct. 25, 2018

“At election kickoff rally, Biden tells Democrats to stop moping, start voting”The Nevada Independent | Oct. 20, 2018

“Debate: Heller faces questions on health care, Trump while Rosen defends short record, fundraising” | The Nevada Independent | Oct. 19, 2018

“Trump Jr. touts importance of electing Republicans to ‘keep this winning going’ at fundraiser benefitting Tarkanian” | The Nevada Independent | Sept. 27, 2018

“At Las Vegas rally, Trump says he has ‘no better friend in Congress’ than Heller” The Nevada Independent | Sept. 20, 2018

“Campaign rave among final early-vote pitches by Trump, Clinton family members”Las Vegas Sun | Nov. 4, 2016

“Trump plugs Interstate 11, Nellis Air Force Base during Las Vegas rally” | Las Vegas Sun | Oct. 30, 2016

“How presidential candidates came full circle in final debate” | Las Vegas Sun | Oct. 20, 2016

“Hillary Clinton campaigns with casino workers, guests on Strip” | Las Vegas Sun | Feb. 13, 2016

Party politics:

“With an eye on the successes of 2016, Nevada’s Democratic machine gears up in hope of another blue wave” | The Nevada Independent | June 10, 2018

“Republicans stepping up their ground game, building a volunteer army ahead of the 2018 election” | The Nevada Independent | June 3, 2018

“Nevada delegates continue quest for unity” | Las Vegas Sun | July 27, 2016

“Wounds from a bruising primary election are slow to heal as GOP seeks unity” | Las Vegas Sun | July 20, 2016